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The Heat is back … for another ring.

Today marks the official day for the Miami Heat to once again start paving their road towards another Championship. Who better than to start off the season with than one of our favorite rivals, the Boston Celtics? I have to admit, knowing that we have Ray Allen who forever was one of their star athletes on our side brings a smile to my face. Of course this game has huge ratings marked all over it, but for both teams it means a lot more. No matter how much they want to say that ‘Jesus Shuttleworth’ had his run – it stung them.


This season isn’t all about just getting the ring again (okay so it is) but utilizing each of our players to their best abilities.  With additions like Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis playing Forward and Point Guard (we’ll see), the team has to come up with great plays to create more scoring opportunities. I think our talent has increased and more positions are looking to actually be filled. Before it was constantly the question of where to put Bosh…  leave him at Center or move him around? In addition, while the roster is looking like Wade, Lebron, Bosh, Allen, Chalmers and possibly Battier or Lewis? It will be interesting to see how Erik Spoelstra develops these players into the variety of positiosn they can play – it all depends who is going to be the most beneficial. Although Haslem is again suffering a bit with injuries, he will get his playing time while alternating with Bosh in the Center / Power Forward position. Chalmer finally becomes the true PG he has been working towards since joining the Heat (I’ll admit he had played hard for it) leaving Wade, Lebron and possibly Battier switching off between Small Forward / Power Guard / Small Guard. There are a plethora of possibilities.

Now it’s really becoming a more strategic game with other teams getting new, young players as well as beneficial trades ( How bout them Lakers?). Still if the Miami Heat are good at anything is not being fazed by outside rumors, even the whole ‘Miami Repeat” one doesn’t get to them. They know and it is completely true that the game belongs to the team playing the hardest.

I am so excited for tonight’s game and not to mention basketball season. I am not exactly a Sunday Night Football kind of girl so knowing the Heat are back is already making Fall my favorite season all over again. Let’s have a great basketball season, let the trash talking begin among frenemies and most of all – LET’S GO HEAT!


Back to Back to Back … Bringin’ the Heat!

8 games in a row….

From Wizards to Hawks to Bucks (finally) to Pacers to Cavaliers to Magic to Kings and last but not least… our latest “pretender” the Knicks. After that first loss on the road against the Orlando Magic, it’s almost as if the team did a 180 and became the kind of team who started to show off their true talents.

Not only did we come back full force from that loss but we are starting to gain the kind of consistency that can take us a long way when it comes to the playoffs. We definitely got our payback against Dwight Howard and his Magic this past Sunday when our defense overcame their team by blocking any chance at a win. Our defense is just getting more and more aggressive on the court – and I know the following player does not get enough praise but HELLO CHRIS BOSH! I really believe his value has just gone up more and more this year with the improvement he has made on the defensive side, getting more rebounds and attacking the rim. While the big 3 are on the full force (Lebron is letting his MVP-ness come out), our bench is on a roll too. We cannot deny that players like Shane Battier(great player on both sides of the court), Udonis Haslem (ultimate rebounder), Norris Cole (Wade in the making), Joel Anthony (the blocker) and of course Mario Chalmers have all become great assets to the team. Running the plays better and knowing when to hand the ball over to one of the big guys, they are the guys who provide all the little details in the game that result in great wins. Yes Lebron James and Dwyane Wade have an amazing energy when they are both playing good, it was evident today during the New York Knicks game. Keeping the defense and offense all through the game, if one didn’t make the shot, the other was right behind him dunking the ball. While we have always had this ongoing rivalry with the Knicks, the Heat manage to crush them today in a very classy way – no talk, all walk. There was so much hype circling the Knicks rookie point guard Jeremy Lin – they thought Lin plus Melo plus Stoudemire and they’re set. Wrong. Granted I will say that Amare Stoudemire made a sick block during the game but other than a couple of good shots from Smith – the Knicks are still lacking in defense. I think they have a long way to go before opposing any kind of real threat to the Heat.

Despite our great wins, the truth is – it’s all about the playoffs. Yet there is no doubt about it that the Heat’s game is getting better as the season is progressing by beating everyone of the last 8 teams with 12 points or more. We are number one on the East side and one of the few teams to have six players going to the All Star game in Orlando. I say we are doing pretty good and will continue our streak if we keep playing this way. It’s a good time to be a Heat fan – not to mention … great bragging rights.


Heat: 3 in a row & on to the road…

Tic Tac Toe … three in a row. The Heat got their fire back after that pitiful loss with Milwaukee Bucks by holding a team meeting and getting their head back in the game. Whatever strategy, pep talk or just a “wake the eff up” moment they had to go through might have just worked. It started with a second game against the Philadelphia 76ers where let’s face it was Wade’s playground. Of course he had his best friend, Lebron, right behind him scoring 19 points but it was an amazing game for the captain of the Heat from start to finish.  The best part is that it was a great performance from both the defense and offensive side –  players like Chris Bosh, Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole were on their A game.

Still and just because I do love my team … I think the game against the Toronto Raptors should have been a blow out.  Okay better yet that game should have served as a practice for what’s to come. If anything it was a reminder that in this season there is no letting your guard down… there was a point where the Raptors had a nice little run going. As a Heat fan this was frustrating to watch up close and personal because we seriously have an amazing team with a bench that has been efficient this year. We should be able to maintain a lead especially against the low ranking teams. Fortunately we got our stride back towards the last few minutes of the games. Thank God we didn’t have to deal with the Canadians taunting us… sorry but Raptor fans but you can only “Blame Canada”.

Game against Cavaliers… loved it. I mean that’s something we need to see more. Yes the first and second quarter was a little slow as far as the offense not putting enough points on the scoreboard but come second half it was like the Heat team erupted. The bench came alive and contributed to a great win. All the big 3 were showing why they are great together… Chris Bosh had a crazy “in your face” dunk, Lebron was taking it to the glass the whole time and I think Wade even had his like five thousand field goal. My favorite play had to be when Lebron fed an amazing alley-oop to none other than one of my favorite players, Udonis Haslem. UD is another one who has gotten a few critics on his back about missing his jumpshots but today he shut them up by showing he still has it. He was definitely on point the whole fourth quarter getting those rebounds and making those shots all while running on the court with his signature pose – chewing his mouthpiece (got to love our Miami boy). Best of all was that dunk by Wade, he went right through the three of the Cavaliers and went straight for the net. Seriously amazing.

On another note, seems like Harris is officially part of the Heat team being officially signed which I think will be an awesome addition to the defense (bye bye Gladness). It’s just a matter now of knowing which rotation to use. We have so many options… look at players like James Jones who is great with those jump shots and getting those charges but it has come to a point where I am sure Spoelstra just has no idea where to fit him in.

Whatever the case may be… we are about to have some tough on the road games coming up starting against the Orlando Magic which is bound to be a good one to bite our nails to.


Where the Heat go?


On our first game back on the road, it doesn’t matter that Lebron James scored 24 points in the first quarter (and a total of 40 points in the whole game)and that at some point before half time we even had a double digit lead. All that matters is what happen after half time. Even with their center, Andrew Bogut, missing in action who let’s admit most thought would hurt the Milwaukee Bucks, they managed to beat us AGAIN. This is the team ranked last in the East..  just putting that one out there.

The second half of the game was like a completely different Heat team stepped on to the court with no energy nor any valuable plays on the offense or defense. As a Heat fan it was so frustrating to watch, it’s as if Wade and Lebron took turns at missing the shots. Don’t get me wrong I am not putting the whole weight on the big guys even though Lebron’s fire died out in the second half and Wade, let’s face it, looked like he was running back and forth (despite him getting his 1000 steal in his career) on empty. The Heat’s defense was just no match for Delfino and even worse Jennings ongoing three point shots.  It was almost as if Spoelstra was playing musical chairs with the rotation to see who can actually stop the Bucks from basically taking the balls from our hands. According to some articles, the Milwaukee fans were shouting out to our “Overrated” which I strongly disagree but what I do have to put out there is that we lost more than our momentum second half – there were no plays whatsoever.  In an interview Wade mentioned some of the factors leading up to their loss was due to being on the road and the opposing team’s home court… that’s all great and dandy Wade but we got a couple more road games to go against way BETTER teams so that defiant mentality better fade away quickly.

We could have been number one on the East tonight if we would have won this game since the Chicago Bulls lost again the Philadelphia 76ers. Seems like two of the best teams on this side of the coast took for granted the intensity that a young team can bring to the court. Good thing that at the end of the day it really is all about the playoffs.


Let the Season begin…

Thought it would be appropriate to start a Heat blog the day before we begin to play the Dallas Mavericks… the team who seem to take the championship right out of our hands last season. But it is a new year for the Heat and we have upgraded our team with talented rookies like Norris Cole and Terrell Harris coming straight out of college but ready to show their worth.  We can all admit this has been a tumultuous year for the NBA with a lockout that included a lot of greedy people in disagreement who almost threatened us with no basketball at all and possibly sending all our players to Europe for playing possibilities. In the end we can’t say that either sides got what they

really wanted and that politics are a bit shady in the world of the NBA commissioner David Stern, but sportsmanship prevailed and we will be able to see our favorite teams on the court.

It will be an interesting and competitive year to say the least with all the trades going on with big guys going to other teams like Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. It seems like teams have shuffled their players and we are f

orced to quickly get use to seeing players like long term Big Baby Davis from the Boston Celtics sporting his new blue jersey in the Orlando Magic (odd). All in the name of effective trades and a shot to win the championship is the purpose of every move every coach makes this year.

Christmas day will be the tip off of the NBA season with games like Heat vs. Mavericks, Celtics vs. Knicks, Bulls vs. Lakers, Magic vs. Thunder and the very much new and improved Clippers vs. Warriors … it is bound to be a very eventful day we have all been waiting for.

So happy to have the NBA back but I will admit I will be rooting for my one and only favorite team… the Miami Heat.

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