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Miami Heat: A Lucky Win

Last game was another close one against the Houston Rockets scoring 113-110.  This game was like going on a roller coaster ride, one minute we had a nice comfortable lead only for it to go down then back up between the 2nd and 4th quarter. It started out with Bosh on fire throughout the first quarter then going a little quiet during the third and finally having one of the best saves in the fourth. Wade miss an important free throw and Bosh got that pivotal rebound that made it a Heat ball.

The Miami Heat might have thought they had it in the bag during the 1st half where at one point we had a sixteen point lead, but that all went downhill (literally). James Harden and Chandler Parsons manage to change the tune by getting through the cracks in Miami’s defense. They caught up to the Heat’s 16 point lead at one point by not missing their lay-ups and most of all getting those rebounds with the help of Omer Asik. The game obviously changed rhythm from one minute to the next. It went from Haslem to Bosh working on guarding Harden. Our biggest problem the whole game again seems to be our defense. No other way around it. The Heat’s score was in trouble during end of second quarter and throughout the third quarter, could it have been Bosh going quiet during this time? It’s evident that he brings consistency and a great advantage to the team when he plays center. Still it wasn’t him. It was a group effort.

The Heat need to get more aggressive and work on using their rotations more effectively especially when matching up against opponents; there was a point in the third quarter when the ball was constantly being taken by Rockets with various unanswered shots. It is true that the man of the hour in this game was Lebron James. He might have been quiet during his first half but second half came around and the dragon woke up.  The man truly showed why he is MVP and one of our greatest assets.  With as much as thirty points in the second half, Lebron James saved their collective butts from a possible beat down from the Houston Rockets. That and the Heat getting extremely lucky with some of the Rockets blunders…. the Jeremy Lin airball? The Maurice Morris loose ball and foul? Their screw-ups and him turning up the Heat (in every sense) deviated the team from another possible loss.

If anything is clear from this game is that the Heat need to work on their perimeter defense. It was here where the Rockets manage to make most of their shots. I am pretty sure Spoelstra is working on bettering those rotations and  avoid these possible slip-ups for next game with the L.A. Clippers.


Ups & Downs on the Road

The Miami Heat have hit the road again to face teams like the Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks and Memphis Grizzlies. As far as being the most improved team, the Nets seem far from it. With a score of 103-73, the Miami Heat managed to squashed the Nets and send them back to the drawing board. I think the area of concern, if any, in this game was guarding the big body Chris Humphries (throughout the game we had Wade, Battier, Haslem and Lewis on him). Players like Battier with his three triples and Rashard Lewis playing more aggressive were able to show off their skills. Even Josh Harrellson (I only notice the other day we had another white boy) got some playing time.  Let’s just say that game spoke for itself.

Unfortunately due to another event I missed the Hawks game and only got updates through phone which was head to head all time, still they won that one 95-89. I think if the Miami Heat are noticing anything is that getting a ring makes them a threat. Teams will respond to threats. Brings me to the frustrating Memphis Grizzlies game which was hard to watch as a Heat fan.

The game against the Memphis Grizzlies was a slow start with the Heat never being able to get the lead to the point of losing it altogether. In my opinion, their defense was all off the entire game. Zack Randolph is a pretty wide guy and has noticeably upped his game since he started his NBA career. There’s no denying that Wayne Ellington and Mike Conely ( I think it was the game of his career) were on a roll the whole night, these men barely missed their shots. The Heat, on the other hand, struggled all night long offensively and defensively. Wade manage to make just eight shots while Lebron and Bosh were able to score in the double digits.  No one can forget (sadly) the unforgettable play of the game when Ray Allen thought he had made an effective steal only to have Jerryd Bayless toss it out of his hands, passing it on to Ellington to make an incredible shot. It was our second loss on the road and just like the New York Knicks, not a pretty one. The Memphis Grizzlies played as if they were already in the playoffs and our Miami Heat’s defense dwindled before them.

Still as I have learned it really is all about the playoffs, but the Miami Heat know what to expect now. Let’s hope their defense gets back on board tonight when we play Houston Rockets who just got Jeremy Lin and James Harden.

My sushi delivery is here and the game is on… ready to watch them take on the Rockets, Let’s go Heat!


2012 NBA Champions soon to be back


It’s been a while since my last Heat post but doesn’t mean I missed any minute of our boys bringing the championship back home. Our win was not given to us but truly earned by every single one of our players. No one can deny that this was huge for the ‘Big 3’ who were constantly scrutinized by both the media and fans all over the world. Who can forget all the drama and haterade Mr. Lebron James had to endure for leaving his 7 year team the Cleveland Cavaliers? Still after much sweat and perseverance and a lot of dusting his shoulder off, Lebron James got his FIRST ring.  Still looking back at the finals, it was not just about the ‘Big 3’ but about the whole team playing their parts. Players like Battier and Miller showed their black and red pride especially in the last final games where they stepped up to the plate. Miller who I constantly see as the ‘man made of glass’ (injuries galore!) showed true sportsmanship in playing with everything he’s got even after Spoelstra tried pulling him out. Again the victory was earned by the whole team from the coaches to every single player who were able to tuned out the negativity and go on to become the 2012 Miami Heat Champions. I am excited to see where they will takes us this year with new players like Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen (soooooo excited to see this come together).  Training camp starts soon and then come October …. On to the next ring: LET’S GO HEAT!


In the Heat we trust …

Hello slump…  like they were saying in recent articles – maybe tonight’s game shouldn’t be so much about beating the Dallas Mavericks but more about getting their rhythmn back as a team. And okay beating the Mavericks.

This has happen before, or better yet all the time, when we lose a couple of games. The question of the Big 3 and how good they really are together rises. Erick Spoelstra’s coaching abilities and his lack of running effective rotations. Then we have our point guard issue with Mario Chalmers who has beenvery up and down lately. This means other players having to step up for him and his lacking of making shots. I do think we would have this cover if we are only focusing on three pointers – there is Mike Miller,  James Jones and Udonis Haslem. Problem here is that Mike Miller is injured, James Jones has little value in the defensive side other than his ocassional charges and Udonis Haslem has been lacking on the jumpshots due to playing with an injured rib (explains a lot). Then we got Shane Battier who seems to be the all around player but this only means he has to be on top of it at all times from here on out – let’s face it that’s not always the case. There have been games where I seriously think Spoelstra should have sat his ass down and put someone in the rotation who COULD make those 3 pointers. Anyways back to the roster then we have the issue of our centers. While we just added Ronny Turiaf as the third string center, there is still a lot to be seen whether he can make a difference. As for me the jury is still out with him and what value he can bring to the team as a center. Center has always been one of our problems even with players like Dexter Pittman and Joel Anthony who just don’t cover all the bases.

Ultimately while we need the bench to be at their best, we also need our three star players to be at their best. I can’t stress enough how much we need Chris Bosh to maintain consistency. Not only in making shots and rebounding but on the defensive side – use that big body for something. Then we have Wade whose strides on the court tend to have a short duration – one minute he is on fire and the next his game is mediocre. Then Lebron James. I can’t deny and won’t that he has upped his game to the tenth by taking such a strong position to make things happen in the game when we need him to get us some points. But this is when we need our coach to also come to play, apparently Lebron has been hurt and yet we continue to drain him on the court at moments where we could have sat him down. We need to use him when we need it most or even so if we are on a good streak, we need to be able to utilize other players’ strength and let them fill in. I think we have a whole roster full of talent not just one or two guys – it’s all about good rotations and smart strategies to make the team gel and work effectively.

I am not doubting our Miami Heat can pull it off. We got plenty of games to perfect our skills before the upcoming playoffs. It’s all about making a few minor yet necessary changes to the rotation and spreading the responsibility throughout the roster not just Lebron James. In the Heat we trust … for them to play better, for Spoelstra to coach wisely.


Miami Heat: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I would say the game against the Philadelphia 76ers was the ugly… in a game where we had a thirty point lead for almost the whole first half the game and then come within a five point lead, there’s a problem. While I love my team, I will say this is one of the moments that showed consistency is a big problem for us. We cannot let our guard down especially with a team like 76ers that despite the disgusting lead we had on them in their own home court they never stopped playing hard. Either that or we got complacent and literally dropped the ball.

The game against the Phoenix Suns I would say is the bad. Even though we did beat the very talented old timers Steve Nash and Grant Hill, the game showed that when some of our key players like Wade are quiet, it shows. He really has gained the title of the closer – we depend on him a lot to take control and bring the W. Another very noticeable problem we may have here and there is rebounding. Getting those rebounds on both sides is key. It means we get the ball. It means that’s another possessions for us and another chance to get some points on the scoreboard. This is not just the job of the Big 3… this include players on our bench like Haslem and Battier. We also got a chance to see Dexter Pittman be in the starting line up with Joel Anthony sitting down due to an injury. Without him and Mike Miller, the whole bench has some shoes to fill in when it comes to defending (Anthony) and making those 3 point shots (Miller). The obvious player this year who has been getting more rebounds and making more shots in my eyes is definitely  Chris Bosh. The man said he knew he had to be more aggressive, that he had to get in the glass more and assume the position of being the center when need be and in my opinion he has. Maybe not to perfection but enough to save us in a couple of games (not speaking about the Bulls game). Again Lebron and Wade cannot do it alone. Like any player they will have off games too. Look at the Chicago Bulls, they annihilated us over there WITHOUT their star player. Still I must give credit where credit is due and that is that Lebron is learning to carry him team when it comes to the nitty gritty moments.

Game against Orlando Magic … the good. Showed that even though this team has been one of the few to beat us twice this season, we can still come back with them. Now the question is, do we only have an advantage when we are at home court?  I really hope not. It’s evident that ever since the All Star game we haven’t been playing the same. Is it that the Heat know they got the talent and are just pacing themselves? Ehhh wishful thinking. We got the Pistons tonight and then our biggest contenders from the West and noticeably one of the best teams right now… Oklahoma Thunder.

Let’s hope our Miami Heat has their defense on point and our offense ready to go.


The Heat have been BULLied.. Slump Continues

[[Disclaimer: I am a huge Heat fan. The following is tough love.]]

Forgive my pun but what kind of BULLsh** game was that? There is no way around this but to admit the Heat played a horrible game against the Chicago Bulls. It felt like a continuation from yesterday’s game with the Orlando Magic. Not only did the Chicago Bulls maintain a ten point plus lead throughout the game but there was no Derrick Rose on the court. That was allll the Bulls bench putting their best effort forward and not to mention – John Lucas. It had to be the best game of his career and possibly the one to put him out there as the Bulls’ leader while Rose sat down.

Throughout the whole game all the points coming from the Heat were either shot by Lebron James or Dwyane Wade. While it’s evident that these two are superstars, you can’t beat teams like the Bulls with just two men shooting the ball. Our defense was mediocre and our offense was nonexistent. The offensive side had to be one of our weakest points … the team was just not there. Even Chris Bosh had a horrible night barely making any points or  getting rebounds for that matter.

Something else the Chicago Bulls got other than a well deserved win? Confidence. If they ever had any doubt or thought that they needed their main man Rose to beat a team like the Miami Heat, after last night’s game that last speck of intimidation is gone. They have it in their heads and apparently on the scoreboard the belief AND proof that they have a chance at the championship. And that is pretty bad. If the Heat don’t wake up from this offensive slump they are in, it will continue to get worse. The next game against the Philadelphia 76ers won’t be any easier – this team is known for its great defensive skills. If the Heat want to regain their dignity and I don’t just mean in the last 40 seconds of the game, they are going to have to maintain a strong defense and an effective offense , most of all they need to be CONSISTENT. That whole strategy of “we’ll catch up in the second half” doesn’t work with every team. Clearly. With teams like the Bulls, who had great players like Boozer, Brewer, Gibson, Lucas and Korver going full force the whole four quarters, the Heat need to remember they don’t have the ring yet. Yes Wade and Lebron are awesome but they are not the whole team. Bosh was missing in action but we all know he tends to have some problems against the Bulls when it comes to guarding the big boys. What about all the other guys? It was like hearing crickets from the Heat bench. There was no response. Useless possessions. Barely any free throws and again more hopeless attempts at 3s.

The NBA trade is suppose to come to an end and there is of course rumors that Pat Riley still has another trick up his sleeve. At this point, unless you are getting Michael Jordan himself, the Heat need to shape up with the players they have on their roster and get their heads back in the game. It IS all about the Playoffs but they need to remind the critics (and we have plenty of those rooting against our team) why we are one of the best teams in the league.


Heat Loss: From Epic Shot to Epic Fail

Let’s face it …. game against the Indiana Pacers wasn’t exactly their best performance. Yes they came back in overtime – who can forget Dwyane Wade’s signature pose.. “this is my motherf***king” house!” that had the home crowd going wild. Still it wasn’t an easy breezy win for the Heat. The Pacers have a young team filled with lots of energy and the will to beat the Heat if they hadn’t stepped up their game. With players like Granger and Collison, the Heat’s defense had lots to block. For a majority of the game, the Pacers actually had the lead. To top it off, we lost the injury prone Mike Miller to a sprained ankle. It wasn’t until the end where we manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat and actually get the win. It was definitely a day for the 3’s but that wasn’t exactly the winning recipe in today’s game against the Orlando Magic…

(Ok it was a pretty epic shot…)

The game against the Orlando Magic was just plain frustrating. While they manage to get a lead halfway through the game they completely lost it during the fourth quarter and all the way into overtime. Wade tried to be the closer today but missed his 3 and it pretty much went downhill in overtime. I have no idea what Spoelstra was thinking in keeping Shane Battier in making hopeless attempts at shooting the ball when  he clearly kept missing. At this point if that is the route you are letting your player take then why not put in the player who’s great at making those shots… James Jones?! Granted due to the rotation, it becomes hard to find him a spot but early on in the game he made two important 3 pointers that got the lead rolling for the Heat. At this point, the way we were playing there was no harm in putting him back in. The whole game  was just frustrating to watch mainly because we got the ball back so many times but the offense decided they wanted to throw the ball to the net and pray it went in. Plenty of possessions but no game changer. What happen to taking it to the glass? We got the opportunity several times and still they went for the same hopeless shot. Even Lebron James was mediocre and at times unnoticeable. Wade while he tried to be the hero at the last minute in the fourth quarter, he failed. Pity because had he made that shot the game would have been over and we would have won. Chalmers had one of those up and downs game where his fouling  just gave the ball back to the Magic who were not having a problem making their shots. We can’t deny that the Orlando Magic played an excellent game. Yes Dwight Howard was a beast with the rebounds and like never before even managed to make some of his free throws (just our luck) but Jameer Nelson was the show stopper. There was barely a time he got the ball and didn’t make the shot. It was a frustrating loss that in my opinion could have been prevented. Was it the rotation? Maybe. I don’t understand how keeping Battier in the game while he kept making some bad attempts at shooting the ball helped. All I know is tomorrow we play the Chicago Bulls and we need to get our game back on track if we want to get another win on the road… soon.

But hey we get a chance to take another stab at the Orlando Magic in our home court this weekend… Let’s hope Spoelstra has a better rotation up his sleeve this time.

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