Turning the Heat up at Home Court

Like I said … who can’t beat the Nets? Especially without Brooke Lopez.  Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to bash my team especially when bench warmers like Dexter Pittman and Eddy Curry actually got some playing time. Last night’s game was like practice for the beat after a back to back loss with the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers.

But tonight the rhythm for the Heat  picked up against the Atlanta Hawks. While the first half of the game was mediocre with the Hawks gaining up to the Heat on the scoreboard and getting a two point lead, the Heat boys retaliated on the second half. Yes Wade’s ankle is a little of a risque thing to play with considering he was sat down in yesterday’s game after once again rolling it over for a second time in a row. But the man is determine to show he can make up for the “foul” ups he’s been committing in the past few games. Still the game against the Hawks tonight shows they are a team you can’t let your guards down with even though their star player, Joe Johnson, was missing in action. All the way till the fourth quarter they were pretty rocky, going head to head against the Hawks and not solidifying an optimistic lead that let us know they had it in the bag. It wasn’t till almost THE END of the fourth quarter where the Heat stepped it up and even though I am biased towards this player, Udonis Haslem’s jump shot and alley-oop from Captain Wade lifted the team’s mojo. There was a split second where Mario Chalmers had his usual ‘let me foul this guy right when we need the points the most’ moment but luckily UD  came through right at the last minute. It was like a rerun of the Utah Jazz game when he miss that shot – but being the true Miami boy he is, even making it didn’t boost his ego. The 305 ride or die player just knows what he brings to the team. Of course it’s not like that can’t be said from Lebron – 31 points. He seems to be getting better and better. I don’t normally like to jump the gun but the man is the MVP. No questions about it.

Next couple of games should be just as nail biter games like this one – going against Pacers, Magic and Bulls. No easy task at all. Beating the Hawks today is a good sign and hopefully will be a continuation. Guess every now and then even the best need a loss or two to remind them that they are the team that everyone wants to beat.


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